Web servers are already popular for years and are used mostly from companies for set up a company website. Often are on these servers besides the own website also company information such as customer information. And that brings naturally hazards. The world of Hackers world is continuous looking for that kind of servers. The solution is a proxy server and no ordinary proxy server but a reverse proxy server.

Werking reverse proxyreverse proxy

Working Reverse Proxy

The reverse proxy server acts a kind of doorman, or a bouncer to use the popular café-term. And whoever does not have a valid ID does not come in and certainly cannot get any information. The reverse proxy server serves as sort of substitute web-server which is directly connected to the internet. Somebody from all over can now try a request to the reverse proxy server which then checks if that is a valid request and if it can handle the request. If that is the case it steers the request to the web server. The web server then answers with the requested information to the server and the server then sends the information back to the caller. But the answer will be adapted like it came really from the proxy server. The end customer gets the idea then that he communicates directly with the web server but really happens via the proxy server.


The benefits of such a solution are obvious: It is much safer because the actual Web server continues INSIDE’s secure corporate network and the server can communicate directly with underlying storage servers without the firewall is compromised. Firewall even in such a state that always requests must be made through the reverse proxy server, even from computers within the secure network. Hackers can thus only hack the Reverse Proxy Server, but you soon realize that they are nothing wiser.

By multiple reverse proxy servers next to each other will also provide a better distribution of work-load, they can replace each other, assist and help. They can hold together much more in the cache so that frequently requested information is available faster and the web servers are relieved.