Imagine that you are King and you want to protect your land from intruders, but also want to prevent your nationals to leave the country. Then you just build a high wall around it. As Chinese emperors did with the Great Wall of China. Can you imagine the great and high wall (at the time) was very effective? China was unfamiliar territory for nothing so long.

The use of Proxy servers

Now imagine that you have a website which content is intended only for people in a specific part of the world or even a specific country. To protect the website you cannot built a high stone wall but surely a virtual wall. You can protect the website with a special access with log in name and password but that is not tied to a geographic area. You need to think about something else. What you can do is make it accessible only when the IP address has a certain number.

Every computer in every network has its unique IP-address which is tied to a geographical area. IP addresses contain (now) a combination of 4 numbers. The numbers (0 to 255) are being distributed via the Internet providers to the subscribers and every Internet provider that its own set of numbers. (As of now the IP addresses are being changed to 6 sets of numbers because 4 sets almost used up).

If you set this what, for example with the website “missed broadcast” they see you  as visitor from abroad who visits the website and you get a text message: The website from missed broadcast detected that you are visiting from abroad and blocked the a large part of  the broadcast in connection with the legal rights from certain programs.

Foreign Countries

That is very annoying and if you are a businessman in New York and you need to know urgently what is written in the Dutch journal you have a problem. But nowadays this need not to be a obstacle not to view such a broadcast from abroad. With a few simple tricks and settings on your computer you can watch the blocked broadcasts also from abroad. There is where proxy servers come in.

Types of Proxies

You know that there are different species of proxy. On this website you are will encounter some and we are going to try to explain which there are what they can do and how you can work with them.