If you sit at home or at work behind your computer, but nowadays also with your modern phone or tablet PC, and you want to get something up on the Internet you have to deal in all cases with a proxy server. The translation of proxy into Dutch can best be described as: gevolmachtigde. And that’s what the proxy server does for you: It is your proxy action. There is nothing lawfully about it, but it has to do with the way computers to “talk”. A “server” is nothing but a computer at the service of a network of computers. For this reason, personal computers are often referred to as a PC (Personal Computer) and “servers” you often find at work form the link between the computers on the internal network with each other or to the Internet.

Working proxy server

proxy server

Let’s start at the beginning: You fill out a job in your computer. That may be what begins with www website address (today may indeed www be omitted, but the principle is the same) if you do a search in a search engine (Google). This command is sent to a computer near you (usually via or from the Internet service provider) that contains a list of all kinds of websites and sends your request to the site you want. This “between computer” now acts as a proxy server, and acts on your request. The computer on the other side of the world where the information stands you want can then respond and send back the requested information on your screen. This also happens again through the same or another proxy server, but there are often even more proxy servers involved. This kind of proxy servers are often called a gateway.

Types of proxy servers

Proxy servers are available in various types, but have the advantage that they know exactly how the request should be handled.

Often even set certain restrictions such as banning websites that contain harmful and / or unlawful content. By banning these types of websites they cannot be displayed in certain countries on the screens of the users.

Also, a whole series of other protective devices may be arranged in a proxy server, such as the encrypted transmission of information such as e-mails, credit card information, and the like.
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