Proxy servers mediate between two or more computers. We have already read on this website in other articles. One of the most important things are achieved with the use of a private proxy server is security and privacy.

A proxy server can be adjusted in quite different ways. But this is a task for an experienced system administrator. What can then be adjusted in the proxy server? -First of all you can block certain parts of the network or of a network server. – The cache speed can be adjusted- Such that filters will be bypassed.-Security and privacy

Achievements proxy server

Achievements can be improved by configuration from the cache in the proxy server. That kind of adjustment is being used by big internet providers or large companies. Such a proxy server can store the data from a computer outside the network to make them easily reachable for client computers within the company network where the proxy server runs. The load for the network will be reduced and it will be easier for the users.

Filtering proxy serverProxy server adjustments

Another very important application in the configuration of proxy servers is the filtering to expand and protect the security. One known example is for instance that on your work computer you cannot visit porno websites. But the filtering can be much more expanded. In the proxy server there can be blacklists added and port filtering can be adjusted for example to make it impossible to download movies. The proxy server can care so thorough for a safer network. And your boss can let you be more productive that way.


Proxy servers can be easily adjusted to give more privacy to client computers on the network. This setting seems the proxy server itself is a client machine, thus generating more privacy. This only works if the proxy server has a different IP address than the client machines


So called reverse proxy servers are being used to provide security from encryption for other servers.
That way they can protect the network against denials or service attacks. But reverse Proxy servers do more. There is a different article on this website available for the proxy server.
Set up your own home computer as proxy server. That is quite possible and not very difficult. On how to make your home computer a proxy server and to make so your home network safer. There are many websites on the internet to help you set up a proxy server.