We discussed on this website already a few different proxy servers. Open Proxy servers are the most common but they are also come in different forms.

Let’s look at some.

Transparent Open Proxy Servers

The simplest form from a proxy server is really a hatch of data. That there is not a lot or only barely security needs to be obvious. With every search and answer from the proxy server will the IP address from the computer be used by sending and receiving of Data.

So is somebody not anonym but totally transparent. IP addresses can show the geographic location and even via the internet service provider your pc. Internet providers sometimes will be asked for the physical address from an IP connection. For Instance if there is a possibility of lawbreaking. Because of the transparency from the proxy servers is this no problem at all.

Anonymous Open Proxy servers<

These proxy servers will not be sending out the IP address while sending or receiving the Data. Here is somebody properly anonym busy. But not quite. So called “sniffers” can monitor the Traffic via the proxy server and so still find out the IP address. This is being used for instance by Governments if there is a chance of illegal activity which they want to monitor. But also Hackers use this to try to find out more Data to be able to hack into somewhere.

Elite Open proxy servers

Those open proxy servers are being called high anonymous. Hereby will be several (mostly anonymous) proxy servers one after another or next to each other used to transport the data. Sniffers have it here very difficult. To be able to find out an IP address they need to watch a few proxy servers at one time, monitor the mutual traffic and track the fingerprints that the IP address leaves behind. That is a next to undoable task and requires a large computer network and monitoring machine. On top there are changing proxy servers in use and not always the same and that makes it very difficult if not impossible. In these cases they work as the Tor network does. Still it is not totally anonym, because some proxy servers can be adjusted so that they keep up with the IP addresses.

From the Tor network proxy server is it known that they do not do that Tor network is also totally anonym. To be able to use a Tor Network it is necessary to install a bit software on the computer. The software is also called “switcher” because they can be used to choose and use a certain proxy server which on it will work.

Surfing fully anonymous

From what we have read above it is possible to surf the Internet totally anonymous, but it is not quite just. Because first you have to register with the Tor network and install the needed software.