There is already a lot written about all sorts of proxy servers and how they can be of use. On this Website we also have already discussed a few different ones. Our proxy servers are adjusted from an ideological position. Internet should be free and should be accessible for everybody without restriction or Free unblock proxy.

Benefit from Online Proxy

Most Web pages in the Internet do not use encryption, so all data from visitors is made public. On the Internet there are a lot of evil minded people active who want to know everything about you. Not just where you live (IP address) but also personal data. The personal data where they are less interested in is the type of browser you are using, when which Internet security you have installed on your computer, and what kind of display you are using. This data can be found easily and everywhere. They are much more interested in you passwords and logins and of course your bank data and credit card numbers and that kind of information. Of course you are already using the necessary measures such as never leave such data where it is not really necessary. But leave this to the side. This has not really to do with online proxy but more with your personal safety.

That the Internet can be accessed by everybody and freely is an ideal what only a part of people have. The reality is that a lot of websites are blocked or are shielded in other ways for everybody. For reasons mentioned above we know that that is really necessary. Who wants to be robbed.

Anonym Surfing

By using an online proxy server you can anonym, without using your own IP address, browse the Internet and visit websites. In principle also the web sites which are blocked or shielded. So by surfing and being active anonym in the Internet you will not leave any “footprints”, as you would if you take a walk on the wet sand. In the computer and internet community this is called a digital fingerprint.

Advertisers are especially interested which websites you browse and can send you, with your data determined, the right advertisement or sometimes harass.

How to use online Proxy

On different places in the Internet can you get access to the Internet via an online proxy server. Often but not always, there is a charge for the use but it gives more security, anonymity and also more safety. It works very simple: you type on a certain website the address in from the website you want to visit and then you are being connected via a set of proxy servers. In case you do not think that is safe enough you can always take a next step on the proxy site and go surfing via a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This is being addressed on this website earlier in a different article.