Proxy site

A proxy site is a server (site or computer program) which ist located between your computer, smartphone and/or tablet and the computer which has the information you request. The term Proxy Site is from the english word Proxy which means really intermediary person. Whenever you use a computer with a activated proxy server the sending and receiving from data does not work directly instead a proxy site is beeing used.

For what can you use a Proxy Site

Wether you are at home or at work behind your computer and you are looking fast for information you are always dealing with the so called Proxy Site. If you are using a modern mobile device, for example a smartphone or a tablet computer you will also use a server. A Proxy Site is doing the following. It is seeing you as the being ‘authorized’. This has nothing to do with legal regulations, but it stands for the ways so to speak computers communicate. A server is really not much different than a computer working in a network from another computer (users). This is why personal computers are often called PC in abbreviation. On the other hand is a server used for other open business networks. The server is a key between the intern network or the outside network like the internet.

How exactly does a Proxy Site work proxy site

The work of a proxy site can be explained in very complex professional ways. But for now we will keep it simple, and we will begin with the beginning. Whenever you add a work instruction in your computer the task will be sent to a computer nearby. The instruction can be for example an address (www) a search profile in a search engine (think for example google) or sending from other similar information. The instruction is sent via the Internet Service Provider. The provider has registered different websites and will be sending the request to the desired website. This computer functions at this moment as a Proxy Site and will perform the request’ in your name’.
The Computer which has the information you requested and which you will receive will react to your request and the information shall appear on our screen.
This also will happen with the same (or a different) Proxy Site. Very often more the one Proxy site work together. Kind of a big virtual community. This kind of virtual community is also called ‘gateway’, an expression you may have heard about.

Different Kind of Proxy Sites

There are a lot of different Proxy Sites in varying types. Still, all enjoy the big advantage of how to know precisely how to handle a request (instruction). Sometimes there are even certain restrictions prepared, think of blocking websites with damaging and/or unlawful contents. By blocking these websites the contents are not shown in certain countries and also not received by computers held by the users. Other safety precautions could be also advisable within the Proxy Site. Therefore a Proxy Site is a fast and safe way to send information within the computer network. If you are looking for a cheap internet provider, you can better visit a comparison site.

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