Anonymous surfing: We all have heard of anonymous surfing and a lot of people use it. Be it at work, in school, or just while we use the internet sometimes for whatever reasons we like to stay anonym. With this kind of surfing an ‘Open Proxy’ is being used. With this kind of server you can use the Internet with no Identity. But what exactly is anonymous surfing and why should you use it.


Anoniem surfen
Whenever you surf the internet a lot of private information and circumstances are being shared and distributed. That is the power and sometimes (for some) a big drawback from the World Wide Web. It is easy for some to check your surf habits and/or keep track of your personal preferences permanently if you do not surf anonym. If you see it in reality in real life we also expect and demand privacy in certain circumstances. So why not also while we are in the Internet. That is why anonymous surfing.


Of course there are also a few things to point out about the anonymous use of the net. When you use a so called Open Proxy Server, you use the Net in an not (quite) legal way. The Open Proxy Server can be named in connection with hacking or deception in certain circumstances. Why? Whenever an Open Proxy Server is being used certain Websites can be used which are normally really blocked from the Network or being restricted for use by individuals. With this kind of anonymous surfing can you break into those sites or Networks. This kind of miss use is often the work of Hackers and other people who use the Web in illegal ways. And yes, we do not want this in our home, after all, nobody is waiting for an Intruder.

How does anonym surfing works now exactly?

An Open Proxy Server is a Server which accepts connections from Customers which have a random IP address. An IP address is the “real” number from your computer also called Network card. With the IP address Individuals and Web pages can follow and store information about which Web pages which computer (IP address) visited and how often. Back to the Open Proxy Server. Open Proxy Servers come in quite a few different kinds and sizes. If you surf anonym you are using an anonym Open Proxy Server. With this Proxy the IP address from the Customer (User) is not being spread around. That way you computer cannot be traced and you privacy and anonymity is being kept.
This is anonymious surfing.